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170mm Grey PVC Deep Style External Stop End

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Product Description

Product Description

170mm Grey PVC deep style external gutter stop end. The deep style range offers an increased drainage capacity for commercial developments, factories, farm buildings and apartments. Strong and durable, the 170mm system is a heavy duty gutter manufactured from UV resistant PVC that has been fully tested to BS EN 1462 class H and is covered by a 10 year manufactures warranty. The rainwater system incorporates the new factory fitted clip & seal system easing the installation process and providing long-term sealing reliability.

The New Clip & Seal

Brett Martin’s Deepstyle 170mm gutter system features a new and innovative factory fitted Clip & Seal to ease the installation process and provide exceptional long-term sealing reliability.                                                           

The unique Clip & Seal fully integrates with the gutter fitting so that the specially designed captive sea; is held securely with in the fitting whilst the clip locks the seal firmly in place   

For added convenience the Clip & Seal is fully factory fitted to all Deepstyle 170mm gutter fittings but can also be easily removed if required.                                                              

When fitting the gutter, the Clip & Seal provides just enough flex to allow the gutter to locate within the fitting, whilst a reassuring click locks the gutter into position compressing the seal for superior sealing. 


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Gutter systems are supported by the outlet joint/union brackets , gutter angles and the gutter support brackets, all of which must be fixed, wherever possible to the fascia or supporting rise and full bracket, to ensure trouble free lifetime service.


Installation Sequence:


1. Position the gutter outlet vertically above the drain inlet or gully from which the rainwater will be conveyed to the underground drainage system.


2. Fix the outlet in position on the fascia allowing for whatever fall, if any, is required.


3. Fix the gutter support brackets furthest from the outlet at a position on the fascia which will produce a run of gutter either horizontal or the desired fall.  


4. Stretch a line taut between the fixed outlet and support bracket, establishing a straight gutter line.


5. Fix the remainder of the fittings to the fascia following this line, a joint union bracket being positioned at each junction of two gutter sections


6. Rise and fall brackets driven into the wall will support the gutter system where there is no fascia and rafter brackets and rafter brackets are impractical


Gutter Support Spacing:


Gutter support spacing should not normally exceed 900mm. Roofs with a pitch of, or exceeding, 35deg and/or with smooth surfaces should prompt consideration of the effects of heavy snow loading. Improved roof space insulation now prevents snow from melting on impact and is more likely to accumulate to a critical amount.  In such instances, support spacing centres should not exceed 600mm spacing and snow boards should be considered. All gutter fittings incorporate fixings positions, which must be used during installation.

Where gutter angles are required, relevant holes should be drilled to enable fixing to the fascia board and adjacent support brackets should be no more than 900mm away. If the angle is unable to be fixed, the adjacent brackets should be no more than 150mm away.


Fitting Gutter:


To snap the gutter section into the support fittings, push the rear edge of the gutter up hard under the rear retaining clip of the fitting. Then pull the front edge of the gutter in and down with one hand, and the front edge of the support fitting out and down with the other hand, while pushing the front retaining clip over the front edge of the gutter with the thumbs, until the gutter snaps into place.


Thermal movement allowance:


When each length of gutter has been snapped into position, check that each end is not inserted into the fitting beyond the expansion allowance line. This allows the gutter to move with changes in temperature without distortion. To ensure the joint remains intact, each sealed gutter fitting should be fixed to the fascia board wherever possible.


The 170mm sealed fitting, retaining clip is asymmetrical to give the clips a better hold on the gutter. It is recommended that the overhanding side of the clip it kept closest to the property. Fittings come preassembled; however, as only one 90 degree angle is produced it is preassembled for an internal corner. For external corners it is advised that the retaining clips are swapped around.

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