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3 common mistakes when installing underground ducting

When it comes to installing underground pipes or cables on your property, you should also think about underground ducting. This ducting offers a protective sleeve for the utility pipes and cables to sit in when they are installed but also helps to keep people safe too. This is due to the coloured nature of underground ducting which gives a clear visual indicator to all that something important is present.

It therefore goes without saying that using this type of ducting on any underground pipe or cable project is key. But what are the common mistakes to avoid?

Using the wrong colour

As noted above, underground ducting comes in a selection of colours. This is not merely for creative effect - each colour relates to a certain usage. Blue ducting for example signals the presence of water pipes where black ducting is normally used for protecting electricity cables. It is essential to use the right colour ducting so anyone who sees it in the future will know for sure what type of pipe or cabling is present.

Not using it at all

This may sound surprising but very often people carrying out groundworks personally on their own homes fail to use ducting at all! This is a very bad idea as the water pipes laid have no protection. Over time, this could see the pressure and environmental stresses on them lead them to damage. Ducting is also vital for providing a seal to your water pipes that will stop any leaks from eroding the ground in your property.

Not using the right kind of ducting

It may be tempting to think that any ducting can be used for any job but this is not strictly true. It is always advised to do your research first and choose ducting to use which is made from suitable material. Flexible ducting for example is generally used to protect service pipes and electric cables while single wall rigid ducting made from PVC is used by telecommunication companies such as BT. The key point is to know which type of ducting material is best for the job you are doing. Always make contact with your utility provider before purchasing your ducting.

Great value underground ducting at Drain Depot

Browse our website today for plastic underground ducting. Once you order the ducting you require, we will dispatch it nationwide via courier. We also have a shop in Swindon to visit if you prefer to collect in person. If you need any help on the right ducting to use, get in touch with us today.

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