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6 Most common reasons for drain blockage.

While a drainage system is there to take various assortments of waste away, there is some waste that is a lot harder to remove. Here we look at the most common drain blockages that can stop your system in its tracks.

1. Fat

It’s easy to think of fat as quite harmless. When warm, it’s a clearer liquid that will easily flow down any drain. But as soon as it cools down, it solidifies into a hard yellow substance that can attach itself to numerous other items and make something a lot bigger.

2. Trees

There are times when tree roots can cause havoc in drains, whether that is squeezing plastic pips or finding their way through cracks. If they get into cracks then it might cause a minor leak that you don’t notice. Those roots can then grow, however, and block the whole drain.

3. Baby wipes

Many people presume that baby wipes are disposable. That couldn’t be further from the truth as baby wipes are a nightmare for clogging up drains. They easily attach themselves to other materials and help to cause a serious blockage.

4. Soap and minerals

Like fat, it can be easy to think that soap will simply flow down the drain and out to the sea. The problem is that it can re-harden and connect with other materials. This will build and build until it becomes a significant size.

5. Leaves

Even biodegradable waste such as leaves can find themselves blocking up a drain. If there are enough leaves in a drain, then they won't be able to break down quickly enough. This can end up in them creating a big pile of sludge and backing up that water.

6. Hair

When it comes to blocking drains, hair is another big culprit. Like leaves, it will degrade over time but this can take quite a while. It’s unlikely to clog a large drain but strands of hair can quickly build up and catch on other debris.

Use an efficient drain system

While all of these common drain blockages can happen, they can be made worse by a weak or faulty drainage system. If you need to purchase drainage materials to resolve any issues then please contact Drain Depot us to see how we can help.

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