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Benefits of plastic drainage pipes

Plastic drainage pipes is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of drainage pipe material, compared to traditional types such as concrete, clay, iron or steel. With so many benefits, it's not hard to see why the plastic drainage pipe is enjoying such popularity.plastic drainage pipe


One of the main reasons that plastic scores so highly for drainage pipe use is that it's much more lightweight than traditional materials. This has a number of benefits. Lighter pipes are easier to transport, and since transportation costs are often determined by weight value, plastic may prove more affordable than other materials. The lightweight nature of plastic also makes installation of drainage pipes easier, with fewer workers or machines required to carry, lift or place the pipes into position. This can reduce labour costs, and makes the installation process quicker.

Extended lengths

Another standout feature of the plastic drainage pipe is that, unlike other materials, it's available in extended lengths. Longer lengths of pipe mean that there are fewer joints and connectors, which reduces the risk of leakages occurring. Where joints are used on plastic drainage pipes, they have shown to be highly effective at ensuring water tightness, often outperforming their traditional material counterparts.


Unlike some metals, plastic doesn't rust, rot or corrode, so drainage pipes made from this material are durable, robust and remain in good condition for years to come.

Less friction

Plastic drainage pipes consist of a smooth internal surface. The advantage of this is that water can flow freely down the pipe, without causing fluid friction on the surface, or build up of slime. This can also improve the efficiency of the water flow and pressure, requiring less energy and minimising the risk of flooding. Crucially, this can reduce the amount of maintenance required on the pipe, improving its longevity.

Chemical resistance

The plastic drainage pipe has gained widespread popularity as it has proven to be resistant to chemical attacks. Contact with chemicals from effluent or contaminated soils can cause corrosion of pipes, requiring costly maintenance or replacement. This helps promote the durability credentials of this type of pipe.

Flame resistance

Plastic drainage pipes aren't easy to set alight, and even if they do burn, they won't continue to burn without an external ignition source. From a health and safety point of view, the flame resistant characteristic of the plastic drainage pipe makes it highly appealing. Tests have also revealed that plastic piping is safe and non-toxic.

Tolerates ground movement

The beauty of using plastic drainage pipes is that they can withstand ground movement, without causing fracturing or cracking in the pipes. They have proven to be sturdy enough to remain in good shape even when put under pressure from traffic loading or backfill.


In an age where sustainability is given prominence, the plastic drainage pipe excels in this respect. Plastic pipes require less energy to produce than many alternative types, and they boast longer life spans. Even when a plastic pipe is no longer fit for purpose, it can be easily recycled.

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