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Brett Martin's Cascade range is worth knowing about...

At Drain Depot, we're here to provide you with every drainage solution you could need. Never again will you have to spend time frantically looking for parts at affordable prices. Along with channel drainage, damp proof membranes, plastic underground ducting, water pipes, gutters, sewage treatments, fascias and soffits, we also have... soil and waste pipes. That's an awful lot we can help you with (and that's not everything!).

However, the reason we want to tell you about our soil and waste pipes is because we've just had a new range of stock come into Drain Depot from one of our fantastic manufacturers, Brett Martin. Now included in the cascade range is a Brett Martin cast iron style soil pipe, along with a realistic cast iron style finish. It is available with a 110mm diameter and has all the usual fittings, including bends, fixings, junctions and vent terminals. It contains everything that you would expect to find with a standard PVC soil pipe product range but has a real high-quality, high-end finish that will ensure you are working with a product you can trust and rely on.

It comes as an addition to the cast iron effect rainwater systems, and the cascade range now features 19 items. We are particularly keen to show this off to you because, from our experience and expert insider knowledge, we know just how fantastic it is for your building work. Not only that, but the prices are competitive and good value for money - meaning great quality and great costs.

The whole new range from Brett Martin is cast iron effect and can be used for either renovation or new build projects. Even where piping and plumbing is not seen, it still matters that it is of a solid, durable and high-spec standard. This is something your client will no doubt be keeping a watchful eye on, or is something you'll be keen to include in your home if you're the one buying. Compared with real cast iron, the Brett Martin cascade range offers an excellent alternative that is more light-weight, and which will save you money and time.

Brett Martin's latest cast iron effect soil pipe rubber boss is designed to be used with 110mm bossed fittings and is intended to be incorporated into a traditional cast iron system. It is always recommended to keep the same manufacturer for all aspects of your piping system to ensure everything fits together seamlessly.

Their cascade range also includes a 110mm cast iron effect PVC soil pipe access bend, which is a cost-effective alternative to a cast iron version. It is fully sealed and works on a push fit system, enabling you to install it quickly and efficiently. It also guarantees you maximum durability. The cascade system includes a range of rubber seals, which are retained by a PVC snap cap, but this means they are entirely compatible with a standard 110mm PVS soil and underground drainage system.

To find out more about the Brett Martin cascade range, you can get in touch with us here or you can view the collection here https://www.draindepot.co.uk/soil-waste-pipe/plastic-casteffect-soil.html

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