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Cast Iron Rainwater Systems

The durability and high quality of cast iron rainwater systems have been giving British buildings character and protection since first being mass produced in the late 18th century to replace old style lead gutters. The ease of installation and unique aesthetic appeal of cast iron features mean they still hold a unique place in the nation’s heritage as well as being continuously popular with stylish new builds and restoration projects.

Cast Iron Gutter Castle Combe

Why choose cast iron?

The unique, crystalline structure and thickness of cast iron guarantee a robustness not found in other materials. Highly resistant to impact damage, cast iron is non-combustible, non-toxic and has excellent durability, which means once primed and painted, cast iron rainwater will need only minimal maintenance during their long lifetime. Cast iron can also be recycled indefinitely so it never need end up in landfill.

Which cast iron rainwater products are right for me?

The kind of cast iron rainwater system that is right for your property depends on the age and design of the building, as well as your personal preference. Alumasc produce a wide range of cast iron rainwater systems so all types of property can benefit from these high quality, attractive gutters. Half round gutter is by far the mostly widely used profile which can be found on cottages, stone houses and converted barns throughout the UK.

Alumasc Standard Apex Heritage System is a comprehensive range of traditional gutter shapes, including half round, beaded half round, Victorian ogee and moulded, while the downpipes can be circular, rectangular or square. This system is complete, and includes stopends, extended bracketry, shoes and hopper heads. Available in a range of eight colour choices, it comes with a two-pack epoxy primer and top coat finish. Including the top coat, rather than painting before installing while on site, makes this option super economical, saving up to 60% of time and a massive 26% on the cost over the life expectancy of the product. But if you’d prefer to do your own decorating, it can also be delivered with just the factory transit primer finish, ready to be primed and top coat painted on site.

Made to order Apex heritage system

As long-standing experts in the field of cast iron rainwater systems, Alumasc has collected a wide range of patterns encompassing a large number of unique styles and designs, all of which can be made to order. With this option, all types of restoration needs can be met, including supplying the traditional, decorative earbelts or rainwater heads that really set off a building’s unique character, and faithfully reproduce specific period designs and features.

As cast iron rainwater system design specialists, we regularly become a part of different prestigious restoration projects, so over time the number of made-to-order patterns available for you to choose from will continue to increase. Cast iron details are essential to the full and satisfying restoration of many historic buildings. We are proud to offer faithfully reproduced, bespoke rainwater systems and individual components to ensure a smooth, ascetically pleasing transition between the building’s original and restored or replaced pipes and fittings. We can easily create a traditional socketed system, complete with original imperial dimensions, and offer great flexibility in installation. Special details can be included by our dedicated pattern making workshops and we can even employ specific welding techniques which emulate components instead of casting, to make the overall restoration project more cost-effective.

What finish is best for my cast iron rainwater system?

Firstly, all gutters, downpipes pipes and fittings supplied by Alumasc are factory coated in grey or red transit primer as standard.

If you are looking to make your rainwater system installation more cost-effective, Alumasc can pre-paint your order in-house, in our factory. You may choose from eight attractive standard colours that have been carefully selected to suit both traditional heritage projects and new-builds, or you can specify a different RAL colour which will be provided on request. All pre-painted cast iron rainwater systems come with a high performing two-pack epoxy primer along with a smooth, high quality top coat finish. Saving both time and money compared with painting on site, the painted finish between 20% to 25% more than unpainted, and is certified to offer the highest protection for your cast iron rainwater system.

Alternatively, the simple factory primed finish allows you to finish the paintwork on site, while providing a high level of protection for the cast iron during transportation and for short-term storage. Factory primed finish cast iron has a specially prepared surface which has been made even and ready for additional painting. Additional prime coats and gloss coats on all components are recommended if you choose to contract out the painting yourself.

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