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Channel drainage - all the products you need

Channel drainage is used in many building projects, both domestic and commercial, where areas of hard-standing need effective drainage.

Domestic use is on the rise as people in the UK aim to make better use of their gardens throughout the year. This means more people are doing hard landscaping, like patios, which often need better drainage than is available in the average garden.

Drain Depot has a complete range of domestic channel drain components, available for quick delivery. Black thermoplastic 1m units, made from 100 per cent recycled material, are available with black plastic or galvanised heelguard covers. The domestic range has been load tested to A15 (1.5 tonne), which is suitable for ordinary vehicles.

Each unit has three 110mm outlets, one in the centre and one at each end; simply knock out the one you want to use. The units interlock with a simple tongue-and-groove fitting. Heelguard gratings snap on, but require a screwdriver to remove them, ensuring they can be taken off easily but don't come loose accidentally.

Channel drain units come in two depths, shallow at 79mm and standard at 118mm, and are complemented by sump units, end caps and quad sections for joining channels going in different directions. The sump units and junctions are available with plastic or galvanised covers to match your choice of channel cover.

There are also brickslot channel drain units, again 1m long. These are designed to suit 60mm deep blocks and paving slabs and are more aesthetically pleasing, as there is only a 10mm wide slot visible, the rest of the channel being hidden by the adjacent run of blocks or slabs.

These are perfect for use on driveways and patios, particularly in front of patio doors, as they are are so much more discreet. Make sure to get the brickslot accessory pack, which contains correct sized end caps, a leaf guard and a 110mm vertical connector.

Commercial units have much the same features, meaning they slot together quickly, but are stronger and more suited to areas like car parks, petrol stations and industrial yards.

There is a range of weight tolerances available: C250 (25 tonne) for car parks and other areas used by light commercial vehicles, D400 (40 tonne) for areas where there might be slower-moving, heavier vehicles and F900 (90 tonne) for high-traffic areas with heavier vehicles such as articulated lorries. All commercial units have bolt-on iron covers with galvanised edges and the F900 units also have extra cover securing straps.

Each commercial channel unit has connectors on the sides at each end. These allow channel units to be butted together at 90 degrees without the need for junction pieces. Sump units are available in all commercial weight units.

With all Drain Depot channel drains the covers can easily be removed for inspection and cleaning, but only with the right tools. An open channel drain can be a significant health hazard and could leave commercial operations open to liability claims, so it's important to have covers that won't come loose accidentally.

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