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Clutter in your gutter - 5 culprits (that aren't leaves)

If your plastic pipes are beginning to cause trouble and your drainage is beginning to slow, it might be more than leaves causing the problem. Here are 5 other things that you will find causing drainage problems up and down the UK's gutters.


This happens more than you’d think. Little plastic army men, discarded action figures, the occasional barbie. Children either drop them out of windows where they roll down into the guttering or throw them up on the roof as they’re playing. Don’t be surprised if your guttering looks more like Santa’s grotto than you thought!


They go up on November the 5th. They come down on November 5th. They have to land somewhere and you’ll often find the odd firework or two that has worked its way into the guttering.

Tennis balls

Tennis balls are the perfect shape and size to fit in the average plastic pipe. Sometimes they can work their way into the downpipe and cause a complete backlog. You’ll see them in residential guttering but go to any school and you’ll have enough tennis balls to supply Wimbledon for a year!

Plant life

A guttering system is a perfect place for plant life as there is a constant supply of water and some protection from the elements. Sometimes you will see grass sprouting from guttering and occasionally an entire tree system makes it’s way up through the plastic pipes! The biggest culprit of all is moss which rolls down from the roof and settles in the gutter. This can sometimes be heavy enough to force guttering away from the walls.

Squirrels and birds

Whilst it sounds a little like a Disney film to share your house with woodland creatures, having bids or squirrels show up in your guttering can be very noisy indeed. If you live near woodland be sure to keep an eye out for any unwanted creatures bedding down for the night.

None of these things are good news for your gutters, but with  a good gutter guard such as "hedgehog" and regular cleaning, you can be sure that your system still drains as it should. Remember to always de-clutter your gutter!

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