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Deepstyle 170mm Industrial Rainwater

The Brett Martin Deepstyle 170mm industrial rainwater system is a high-performance solution which boosts drainage capacity for bigger schemes including warehouses and factories, as well as residential and agricultural buildings.

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Incorporated within the design is the pioneering CLIP & SEAL tech, which is highly reliable with outstanding sealing. The products are also very easy to install, and are strong and long-lasting.

The Deepstyle 170 heavy-duty guttering system is made from PVC and has been thoroughly tested to British Standards EN 1462 Load Class H. At the same time, its unique make-up guarantees long-term weather endurance.

The system is made up of a high-gloss gutter, downpipes and fittings, all guaranteed with a decade-long colour warranty.

The factory-fitted seal and clip device ensures the system stays firmly in place, while the corious effect ridges enhance water flow to the outlet. At the same time, the system’s overhang lessens any flex in the fitting, and internal locators let the gutter expand without moving it from its place.

Key features

• Bigger roofs can be drained more effectively and efficiently.
• Fewer drainage connections or downpipes needed for this system.
• Watertight joints thanks to factory-fitted CLIP & SEAL technology.
• An attractive, long-lasting solution all round.
• Suits larger premises such as hospitals, offices and schools. Also ideal for agricultural settings and residential buildings such as apartments blocks, and can even be fitted to period buildings.
• Colour choice of black or grey.

CLIP & SEAL – key benefits

• Makes the installation process easier and the seal is highly reliable long-term.
• It integrates fully with the fitting so that the specially designed captive seal is kept firmly in place in the fitting, while the clip keeps the seal secure.
• There is full factory fitting on all Deepstyle 170 products but it’s just as easy to remove this feature if you don’t want it.
• The right level of flex provides just enough movement – but no more.

Order Brett Martin products through Drain Depot and you have the satisfaction of trusting a global manufacture that’s fully able to create an end-to-end drainage solution. Brett Martin is also Britain’s biggest producer of plastic building products, with an extensive range of rainwater, underground and plumbing solutions. Manufacturing facilities are in Derbyshire and County Antrim, and there’s a dedicated merchant delivery fleet.

Each system from this company is geared towards speedy installation and outstanding reliability, so that you can save both time and money. You can always expect exacting standards, and outstanding levels of performance and quality.

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