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Detecting leaks in underground drainage pipes

Underground leaks are particularly hard to detect because the pipes are below the ground and the water or waste takes a long time to appear on the surface. However, it is important to detect leaks at the earliest possible instance before they compromise the safety of your structures and put you in trouble with the authorities.

Tips for detecting leaking pipes

If the seepage occurs in an area with loose soil and vegetation, you will notice a patch of vegetation that is lush and succulent. It is highly likely that there is a leak on that particular patch. You can confirm it by checking the ground for sogginess.

Some leaks manifest through dampness in certain buildings, especially those with cemented floors. You will notice mould growing on the floor and wetness on parts of the floor. If the structure has not had dampness problems in the past, then it is likely that there is a leakage in one of the pipes serving the structure or near it.

Another tell-tale sign of seepage is a foul smell and soggy ground in patches around the leak. The soil may subside or change colouration if the pipe is carrying effluent. This type of leak is especially risky because the waste contained in the water could be hazardous.

Seek professional services

If you suspect that there is seepage in one of your drainage pipes, you should call professional Drainage Clearing Company to come and service it. You should not attempt to repair the pipe if you do not have professional training as such an action could have disastrous results. You could end up breaking the drainage pipe and causing untold damage to your property or even creating a health hazard.

If you are planning to install pipes on your property or would like to replace the existing drains, you need to select the most appropriate pipes that are resilient and durable. If the faulty pipe is metallic, we strongly recommend that you replace it with modern plastic drain pipes. We at Drain Depot sell a variety of plastic pipes and other drainage materials to customers from around the UK. Contact us for guidance on the appropriate materials for your drainage needs.

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