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Drain maintenance tips for your home

Though you may not think about it very often, your drains are essential to keeping your house clean and the water to your house flowing properly. At Drain Depot, we know how important keeping your drains maintained is and we stock a huge range of plastic below and above ground drainage products. Here are our tips for healthy drain maintenance in your home.

Replace any damaged drain sections straight away

If you notice a crack in one of your pipes or live in an old house with outdated plumbing, it's worth replacing your pipes with modern and durable plastic pipes for underground drainage. Leaky pipes can cause all sorts of plumbing problems so regularly check for any damage and make sure you get the problem sorted as soon as you notice it.

Avoid pouring oil into the kitchen sink

Many oily liquids solidify over time and this can lead to blocked pipes and plumbing problems. When you're doing the dishes make sure you pour any oils or fats into the bin rather than down the sink to keep your drains clear.

Remove deposits from your shower heads

To make sure your shower doesn't get blocked, it's worth cleaning your showerhead to remove mineral deposits that build up over time. Vinegar is the best thing for this job and you can soak it overnight or scrub with a toothbrush to remove stubborn deposits.

Insulate your pipes

To avoid frozen pipes in winter which can cause issues with your water supply make sure your outdoor pipes are properly insulated. With record cold spells in the UK this year, it's worth spending some time making sure your drains are up to the weather.

Blast drains with hot water

To make sure your pipes aren't getting blocked, it can be a good idea to flush your drains with boiling water from the kettle once in a while. This can loosen anything that's stuck to the insides of your pipes and prevent blockages forming in.

Check and clear outdoor drains

Outdoor drains can often get blocked by leaves, rubbish and even birds nests so it's worth checking them regularly. Clean your gutters and check out local specialists if you want someone else to clear your drains for you.

For all your drainage needs, Drain Depot have a wide range of drainage solutions available for online delivery and in our fully stocked Swindon shop.

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