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Everything you need to know about land drainage coils

Whether you manage a commercial, domestic or industrial space, effective land drainage is important to prevent the area from becoming waterlogged and unfit for purpose. By introducing a land drainage coil, you can efficiently redirect excess water to a different location as the water will naturally flow through the land drainage coil.

What causes an environment to become waterlogged?

The ground can become waterlogged for multiple reasons, for example, if an area experiences a high rainfall amount, or experiences flooding, the soil will become saturated and unable to absorb any more water, so the excess water causes waterlogging. Even in areas that are fairly dry waterlogging can be caused by the condition of the soil, if it has a high concentration of clay for example, which compromises its absorbability.

How do land drainage coils work?

As part of a land drainage system, land drains work by allowing excess water to flow through the coil, rather than remain in the saturated area. Due to the clever design of the perforations of the coil, water flows naturally through and does not need to be forced. The water will then travel to the designated release point, usually a river or nearby body of water.

Where can a land drainage system be installed?

Land drainage coils can usually be installed in any area where waterlogging is causing a significant problem. However, it is important you check with your local council or the relevant local authority prior to installing a land drain system as some water courses and drains are protected and any changes to water drainage must be approved. It is also necessary to seek approval for where you plan to deposit the excess water, e.g. in a local river.

Where can I purchase land drainage coils?

At Drain Depot, we stock a wide selection of land drainage coils that are fully perforated and available in multiple sizes. All of our coils are manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and are compliant with British Standard BS4962, so you can have complete confidence in their quality.

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