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Exploring the difference between blue and black water pipe

Did you know that there are two major types of flexible MDPE water pipe? The most significant difference between them is simply their colours. One type of pipe is blue, while the other is black. If you haven’t installed or worked with water pipes before, it might seem strange to you that two different colours of piping are used to carry water. However, the distinction between the two types of pipe is actually very important. In today’s blog, we’ll explain what each kind is used for and why the deceptively simple difference between them is actually vitally important.

The two MDPE pipes

The two different-hued MDPE pipes are used to transport different types of water. Whereas blue pipes are used to supply clean, potable water, black pipes are used to carry away used and dirty water. Both types of pipe are used in settings where burying non-flexible plastic or metal pipes isn’t an option. Interestingly, black water MDPE pipes are most commonly deployed in agricultural and industrial environments.

What MDPE pipe do I need?

If you need to ensure that a site or premises has clean drinking water and a way to dispose of dirty water, you’ll probably need to invest in both blue water pipes and black water pipes. Both pipes are made from the same type of material and could, theoretically, carry either fresh or used water. However, it’s highly advisable to adhere to the colour-coding of the pipes because it will help you avoid mixing them up. Confusing a clean water pipe and a dirty water pipe can be dangerous. For example, connecting a pipe for dirty water to a tap by mistake could result in someone drinking from it and becoming sick. Conversely, connecting a clean water pipe directly into a drainage system by mistake could result in wasting water and generating a very hefty water bill. By using blue pipes for clean water and black pipes for dirty water, you can avoid these problems with ease.

Here at Drain Depot, we sell both varieties of flexible MDPE pipe alongside our other underground ducting and drainage products. If you need to pipe clean, drinkable water onto your site or premises and pump dirty water away from it, check out our range of products and invest in both types today. Both blue and black water pipes come in a variety of different sizes, so you’re bound to find options that suit your needs.

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