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Guidelines on effective drainage installation at your home

Land Drainage is significant to the successful function of a home & garden. It helps steer water flow to remove it from the surface of the ground. There are a variety of drainage products and techniques available to a ground installer. The following are some practical tips on how to have a to a proper drainage system at your property.

1. Determine the gradient of the land

The slope of the landscape is the first factor you should identify when designing a land drainage system. Water must have a way of draining at low places. In such cases, the underground land drainage method is advisable. Otherwise, you will have ugly puddles whenever it rains.

2. Analyse existing surface obstructions

Obstructions like buildings, electricity poles, native vegetation, and trees may affect the alignment plan of your drainage. Such obstructions are analysed during site surveys and inspections. If the proposed drain location cannot be avoided or it closely approaches the obstacle, you should contact the local council, relevant authority or the owner.

It would be best if you compared the construction costs of either avoiding or relocating the obstruction before finally deciding on the last route of the underground drainage. Another surface obstruction worth considering are existing drainage system, they should be able to handle the additional discharge. Otherwise, construct a new one.

3. Choose the right type of pipes for underground drainage

There are different types of drainage pipes that are in the market. Hence, one needs to understand the best one to choose for their home. Plastic pipes are the best alternative because they are both flexible and durable and so easy to install. To enjoy these benefit, ensure that you choose the best quality.

4. Grade the area

You can drain paved areas by grading to slope away from structures. In case water runs to an area where it cannot wholly flow, you can install a gully or channel drainage to drain water to its final destination.

One will need to consult an landscape gardener or ground worker before installing an underground drainage system. Therefore, on occasions it is better and more financially efficient to rely on professional drainage companies.

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