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How ducting keeps you safe

Underground ducting is used to protect water pipes, gas pipes and electric cables. It ensures that the pipes and cables aren’t damaged and that the supplies of water, gas and electricity that they carry aren’t interrupted. However, ducting also keeps people safe. If you are planning on installing new pipes or wires at your home or business premises, you need to understand the ways in which ducting protects you and those around you. In today’s blog, we’ll look at the four most important ways in which ducting provides protection.

1. Providing insulation

Electric cables obviously carry a potentially deadly charge. Normally, electrical cables are buried, but that doesn’t mean that the charge they carry isn’t dangerous. A buried cable may suddenly be exposed as the result of bad weather. Alternatively, you may need to access the cable deliberately at some point. Appropriate electrical ducting can be used to insulate cables so that they don’t deliver a fatal shock if someone comes into contact with them (either accidentally or deliberately).

2. Preventing contamination

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog entries, water can become dangerously contaminated if the pipes that carry it aren’t properly sealed. Ducting helps to create a seal that prevents external contaminants from getting into water pipes. This reduces the risk of waterborne diseases developing.

3. Stopping leaks

If enough water leaks out from a pipe, it can cause erosion and destabilise the surrounding ground. If gas leaks out, it can become a fire hazard. Ducting prevents both types of leak in the same way it prevents contamination: it provides a seal.

4. Maintaining integrity

If enough stress is put on them, pipes and cables can sometimes break. This can be a problem for several reasons. Broken cables can expose passers-by to deadly electric shocks; broken water pipes can cause flooding; and broken gas pipes release flammable gas. Furthermore, both water pipes and gas pipes have jagged, potentially dangerous edges when broken. Ducting helps to hold pipes and cables together and maintain their structural integrity. Even if they do break, ducting can contain the breakage to some extent.

If you plan on installing any pipes or cables in your home or premises, you also need to invest in appropriate ducting. It’s vital for your safety and for the safety of everyone else who uses the site or building. We sell a wide variety of underground ducting solutions here at Drain Depot, so check out our range today.

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