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How home insurance could pay for damaged drains

When a customer discovers that their underground drainage is letting them down, they usually ask two questions. “How can I fix this quickly and easily?” and “How am I going to pay for the work?” Whether you are a domestic customer, builder or merchant, the advice is the same. Discover whether or not the proposed underground drainage work is covered by a home insurance policy.

Check out your home insurance

All insurance companies and policies are different. Sometimes a policy provider considers the cover of drains to be an ‘extra’, incurring an additional, optional premium. But most insurers do cover accidental damage to drains as standard. That usually means things like damage caused by digging or tree roots. However, the small print will almost certainly list a whole lot of stuff that does not fall into the category of ‘accidental’ damage, including cracks and corrosion which have arisen due to the age of the pipe.

Am I responsible for that drainage pipe?

If a drain falls within the boundaries of your property and serves your house, then generally it’s yours! You are solely responsible for its maintenance and repair. But things can get complicated. Some very old drains serving multiple households may be the responsibility of the local water authority, even if they run under your land. If your pipe connects to a neighbour’s drain, or services a whole row of houses, it is most likely that you are only responsible for a percentage cost relating to the bit that runs under your land. Maintenance and repair of these ‘communal’ types of drains can involve the cooperation of neighbours. If in doubt about who is responsible for your drains, check with your policy provider and/or the local authority.

Keep a clean pipe!

Maintaining your drains is key to avoiding wear and tear. However, nobody can predict when an accident is going to happen. If your drain blocks or collapses due to damage, and an inspection or CCTV survey identifies that it needs replacing, speak to your insurance provider and find out if you can make a successful claim.

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