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How to install land drainage coil

Land drainage coil can be used to help drain land on your property and can greatly increase the quality and condition of land when done correctly. Here we explore the steps you should take to determine the type of land drainage you need.

Types of land drainage

There are two key types of land drainage. Where there is no permeable layer of soil you will need to install shallow drainage to remove water from the surface soil. Where there is a permeable layer of soil you can use groundwater drainage to assist the flow of water away from your land.

Choosing your pipe

Once you know what type of drainage you are installing you can choose your land drainage coil. These pipes work by offering a low-resistance water flow for the water that draws it away from the area you are seeking to clear. The size of the pipe will depend on the expected volumes of water, soil properties and also on the size of the area you are hoping to clear.

Groundwater drainage

When installing groundwater drainage you should dig down to the depth of the permeable layer of soil. Here you should install your land drainage coil and then cover it over with clean aggregate. This allows the water to pass through into the pipe from the permeable layer. You can backfill the trench with dug soil on top of this aggregate.

Shallow drainage

When installing shallow drainage you will need to dig down to a depth of 75-100cm to lay the pipe. The trench then needs to be filled with aggregate up to a level of 10cm below the surface. The trench can then be covered, but needs this large layer of aggregate to allow water to seep down to the pipe from the surface.

To install land drainage you first need to identify the type of soil drainage you will be able to install. With this knowledge you can determine the land drainage coil that you need to buy and the depth to which you need to sink it.

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