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How to maintain your drains for the summer

Summer is coming, and along with the sunnier days, longer, lighter evenings and al-fresco dining, it’s also an important time to ensure your drainage maintenance is up to speed.

There are quite a few benefits to investing some time in DIY for your drainage in the summer months:

Avoid blockages

Summer = heat, and when things start to heat up, they can also start to smell. Everyone will have encountered smelly drains at some point in their lives, so ensuring you avoid any blockages is a sure-fire way to prevent smelly drains come summertime.

Ensuring you have the correct underground drainage system in place is a great starting point, from pipes to chambers and everything else. Reducing blockages starts in the home (and above ground), but having a reliable system in place will also help keep drains clean and working properly.

A great tip for underground drainage is to choose plastic, too. Plastic pipes are less expensive, nowhere near as heavy, and of course won’t rust at all. They also boast better insulation properties – a modern and efficient way to revamp your drainage in the home.

Drier conditions

Of course, it may seem like a no-brainer, but drier conditions are easier to work in. So, if you need to give your drainage a bit of DIY, summer is the best season to work in. Drier days (for longer), and lighter evenings means work can be done quickly and efficiently. It also helps you get prepared in plenty of time for autumn and winter.

Surface water

Some homes will suffer from surface water which causes boggy, unappealing garden space in the summer. To get this in tip-top condition for the warmer months (and enjoy spending your time outside!), invest in something such as a land drainage coil, to help filter everything out. You’ll be glad you did!

Whether it’s underground drainage, underground ducting, plain water pipes or even manhole covers, we’ve got everything to help you out this summer (and well into other seasons, too!). Want to find out more? Just get in touch on 01793 422 040

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