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Introducing Brett Martin Cascade range in porcelain white

We are proud to be the UK’s only stockist of the Brett Martin Porcelain White Cascade range of traditional, cast iron style guttering. This exciting and innovative range offers the style and sophisticated appearance of traditional cast iron rainwater systems without the huge expensive and complicated fitting procedures.


This iconic range of gutters and downpipes is absolutely timeless. Brett Martin has used the most up to date plastic manufacturing techniques to create a perfect, indistinguishable replica of the well-known cast iron original.

Perfectly suited to adorn the façade of a heritage or new build property, this high-end range of guttering is the perfect product to show off the exterior of your home or office. Why settle for shiny, black PVC rainwater systems when you can have more?

With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, Brett Martin have used their extensive knowledge to create the perfect replacement to traditional cast iron alternatives. This durable range gives your home all the prestige that comes with ageless, cast iron guttering without expensive fitting, and potential restoration costs.

Using a unique, patented manufacturing process, Brett Martin have been able to create authentic guttering and downpipes with the cast iron look suitable for any property. Every feature has been carefully thought out, from sleek pipework to bespoke hoppers and fittings. Brett Martin’s unique design gives architects the opportunity to achieve a client’s exacting design standards whilst saving them time and money, and not at any point compromising on safety.

Big and very heavy, cast iron gutters and downpipes can be potentially dangerous. If not fitted properly and by an expert, these cumbersome pipes can pose serious health and safety risks. With Brett Martin’s lightweight alternative, any potential threat is instantly removed.

As well as authentic architectural details, the Brett Martin Cascade range offers guttering solutions in a wide range of styles and colours too. Whatever the look you’re after, if you’re determined to retain the prestige and quality of traditional cast iron guttering, Brett Martin’s Cascade range is bound to deliver.

Classic black is of course a very popular option, but alternatives like Porcelain White, which is now in stock, Oxford blue, Sandstone, Olive Green and Graphite Grey are very attractive options too. This ready painted option is well in keeping with current design trends. Many homeowners are choosing to paint existing guttering systems with heritage colours, Brett Martin makes the job easy by offering a prefabricated alternative.

The Roundstyle Cast Iron Style Rainwater System couldn’t get more traditional. With a round style gutter and downpipe, your property will exude the heritage and elegance associated with this iconic design. Easily compatible with existing rainwater systems – modern and cast iron - you can quickly add this attractive finish to your home, setting your property apart from the rest.

Along with a wide range of colours, you can choose from an eclectic selection of hopper designs including Ogee, Bath and Gothic.

Brett Martin are offering an affordable way to completely renovate an existing rainwater system or to fix any parts of your existing structure that are in dire need of replacement. Lightweight and robust, the Brett Martin Cascade range is a fantastic solution to your guttering needs. Instead of unwieldy and expensive cast iron, this modern alternative is quick and easy to install.

Particularly important on long-term renovation or new build construction projects, utilising the Brett Martin alternative to cast iron rainwater systems will save you time and, more importantly, money.

Unlike the traditional cast iron alternatives, gutters and downpipes from the Brett Martin Cascade range won’t ever corrode. Made completely from moulded plastic with no metal in sight, Brett Martin Cascade range rainwater systems are long-lasting, durable and fully UV stabilised.

With Brett Martin’s innovative manufacturing and design solutions, the Cascade range can be installed in the same way as modern PVC guttering and downpipes. Not only will this make it easy to replace any existing structures, it will again save a great deal of time and money. With simple installation there’s no need to call in an expert cast iron guttering fitter.

Your property deserves as much care on the outside as you give it inside. Invest in a Brett Martin Cascade range rainwater system and you won’t be disappointed.

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