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Maintaining drains and sewers at your property

It's usually the case that homeowners and landlords are responsible for maintaining drains and sewers that are within the bounds of their property, while water and sewerage companies have the responsibility for sewers and drains outside the boundaries of privately owned properties.

How do you tell the difference between a drain and a sewer?

Sewers will collect the water and waste from a range of local properties, and are owned and maintained by utility providers. Some homes aren't connected to sewage systems and will have a septic tank system in place; in these cases maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner. It's also possible that some homes may have a privately owned sewer. Where private sewers or septic tanks feature in properties, there's no requirement to pay standard sewage charges levied by utility providers.

Drains take waste water away from properties via a series of pipes and downpipes. They are generally situated close by buildings, homes and garages and quite visible as the waste water collected from gutters drains into them. Lateral drain pipes are usually located outside property boundaries and take away water from underneath pavements or roads. You'll generally spot these drains at the side of roads.

Your responsibility to repair drains

You are responsible for fixing and maintaining the drains situated within the boundaries of your home or business. A number of providers offer services for fixing drains, however, if you do not wish to do this work yourself.

It can be the case that mortgage providers or local health authorities require works to be carried out on drains in your property, if blockages occur or nasty smells are noted by neighbours. Some local authorities will carry out these works for you but you will be charged for their services.

You can take out drain insurances if you feel this is suitable, and some mortgage providers will stipulate this should be in place as a condition of the mortgage.

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