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Picking the right gutters for your property

Gutters are an important part of any drainage system, alongside underground drainage pipes and grating. As you’re probably aware, metal and plastic gutters each have their own unique advantages. Plastic gutters are lightweight and resistant to corrosion, whereas metal gutters are more physically resilient and have a more dignified, stately look. But did you know that there are different types of metal gutter available? Cast iron, steel and aluminium gutters are the main ones. But which option is right for you? There are three factors that you should consider in order to decide.

1. Density

Density is an important consideration when choosing between gutters made from different materials. As one would expect, aluminium has a very low density. In fact, its density is just 2.7g per cubic centimetre. At 7.8g per cubic centimetre, cast iron is much denser. Steel has the highest density of all, at 8.05g per cubic centimetre. Gutters made from high-density materials are tougher and less likely to be damaged by extreme weather. However, they are also heavier than low-density gutters, so it’s important to think about how much weight you can put on your home. Steel and cast iron are great materials if you need highly-resilient gutters, but aluminium might be better if you need to keep the weight of your guttering to a minimum.

2. Appearance

Aluminium gutters are available in both modern and traditional designs and have a generally sleek, sophisticated aesthetic. In comparison, cast iron gutters have a sturdy, timeless aesthetic. Steel gutters are aesthetically versatile and come in a variety of different colours. Think about the overall look of your home in order to choose appropriate guttering.

3. Cost-effectiveness

It’s always advisable to consider your budget when choosing guttering. Aluminium guttering is the most expensive option, but looks great, weighs little and is very resistant to corrosion. In contrast, steel guttering is the most affordable option, but may be too heavy for some homes (as we explained in Point 1) and doesn’t have the same sleek look as aluminium. Cast iron gutters are ideal if you’re looking for an option with a middling price-point.

By considering density, appearance and cost-effectiveness, you should be able to choose the guttering option that suits your needs best. Here at Drain Depot, we sell a wide range of metal gutters, alongside other drainage equipment and underground ducting, so check out our range today.

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