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Plastic drainage pipes: why are they so popular?

When it comes to underground drainage products, plastic pipes are an enduringly popular choice. Compared to other more traditional types like concrete or steel, they have a number of key benefits. This has seen plastic drainage pipes become widely used in both domestic and commercial settings. But what is it about this type of pipework that is so popular with many?

Lighter than other types of piping

A major reason to choose a plastic pipe is their lightweight nature. As they are lighter, they are easier to move around on-site and also to transport back from the DIY store or builders yard. When they are being installed, plastic pipes are safer and easier to handle through weighing less. Using this type of lighter piping can often speed up the installation process to save time overall.

Tough and durable

When you are laying drainage pipes underground, you want something that is durable. After all, you do not want to be digging them up again in 6 months to repair! Plastic pipes are very tough and durable to eliminate this issue. As they will not rust or corrode, plastic pipes last longer and stay in a much better condition than other types of pipework.

Flame and chemical resistant

Another area where plastic pipes score highly is their resistance to contamination from any chemicals in the soil. In the past, contaminated soil could cause traditional pipework to corrode and need repairing. The nature of plastic means this is simply not an issue for these types of pipe. Plastic pipes are also very hard to set alight - this resistance to fire or flames is a key safety advantage for them.

Improved water flow

Plastic pipes are smooth on the inside which allows for water to flow more freely with less friction. The net result of this for homeowners is better water pressure and better flow of water. This lack of friction also cuts back on the stress any pipework is put under. In the end, this helps to keep plastic pipes in better condition overall.

Get the best quality plastic underground drainage pipes

If you need the best quality plastic pipes for underground drainage, browse our wide selection online today. At the Drain Depot, our plastic pipes are the best quality around and offer all the above benefits. Head online today to find out more or call us on 01793 422 040 for further help.

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