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Prevent leaves from blocking your drains this Autumn

Leaves can cause a nightmare when it comes to blocking drains, which can lead to some very undesirable results. Anyone who has smelt a blocked drain or suffered one overflowing will attest to that.

As we're not that far off Autumn, it's helpful to remember that as the leaves begin to fall from the trees they can all too easily find their way lodged in your drains. With some simple steps, you can help prevent your drains from suffering as the weather begins to turn wet and cold.

Here are some things you can do to help leaves blocking your underground drainage.

Get stuck in

A few minutes spent sweeping with a good quality garden brush will help prevent the leaves from finding their way into your drainage system, simply sweep them into a pile and dispose of them safely.

If they do get stuck, it's best not to wait around; invest in a good thick pair of work gloves and it takes very little time to get them removed from the drain. Not a pleasant job, but essential if you want to keep the system flowing freely.

Maintain drain covers

While the good weather is still here, take the time to give your drain covers a thorough inspection to check for any areas where the grating has cracked or broken. It's important to keep on top of it.

The drain should have been designed to help repel things such as leaves, but if neglect and strong weather conditions have caused the grating to break down it'll be little surprise to learn it's no longer as effective as it once was.

Invest in drain guards

If you live in an area where leaves are a particular problem, it would be a good idea to get some specially designed drain guards such as Hedgehog Gutter Brush to help keep your drains operating as clearly as possible.

Drain guards allow water to flow through them while trapping any larger objects such as leaves and other debris. They're generally affordable and much preferable to having to clean the leaves out after they have already been lodged in the drain.

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