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Ratwall: prevention is better than cure

With the population of our small island rising at its fastest rate in history, serious overcrowding in our towns and cities rife and a mind-boggling 200 million tonnes of waste produced by our citizens each year, it is perhaps little wonder that the UK's rodent population is booming.


An over-abundance of fast-food, recycling bins stationed at the end of each drive and a tendency towards milder summers in recent years are just three of the reasons an army of super-sized, super-savvy rodents is plaguing householders up and down the country. And with estimates suggesting the rat population could be set to reach a staggering 200 million this year [https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/news/247686/mild-weather-in-britain-means-giant-rat-population-could-soar-up-to-200million-2/], rat infestations in our homes, services and transport networks are not going to decrease any time soon.

Here we explain the potential damage that these furry pests can cause to your property, how to recognise when you may have a problem and some tips, advice and handy preventative measures about keeping your home rat-free in the future.

Rats, rodents and damage to your drains

Drainage systems, sewers and waste pipes are all places where rodents can cause untold amounts of damage. Rats are resilient creatures, able to compress their entire bodies into extremely small spaces with ease. This means a gap of only an inch or two can be an inviting entrance into an underground network of potentially miles of pipework. Any broken or collapsed pipe, gutter or inlet vent can therefore be an easy access point.

Once inside your drainage system, the animals can begin to cause damage to fixtures and fittings by burrowing, gnawing and leaving droppings, as well as causing potentially expensive blockages and build-ups in your toilets, bathrooms and kitchen areas. As well as the physical damage a rat infestation can cause in your drainage system, rodents are also extremely unhygienic, carrying a multitude of diseases, such as salmonella and E. coli, and mites, ticks and fleas. It goes without saying that the thought of these germs and critters anywhere near your home and family can be hugely distressing.

Signs that you may have a problem

Rats are nocturnal creatures and, as such, you are unlikely to see or hear much activity from them during the day. It can, therefore, be difficult in some cases to tell that you have an infestation. One of the earliest signs to look out for is scratching at night, up in the loft or underneath floorboards. If you hear such sounds, it's worth pulling out your kitchen appliances to check for droppings. Droppings around drainage entry points, in bathrooms and kitchens, are a sure sign that rodents are present and they are often accompanied by a strong smell of ammonia, from the animals' urine. Outside of your property and in and around the drains and gutters, you may also be unfortunate enough to find dead rats, evidence of fur or decomposing bodies.

Ridding your drains of the infestation

Discovering rats in your property can be extremely upsetting but prompt action is the key to getting rid of them for good. Humane traps don't tend to work for long and are inefficient in the face of a serious infestation where a more potent solution is required. A professional pest control service will be able to carry out fast-acting, effective treatments, which will clear your home of rats and remove all traces of them from your property. Moving forward, however, prevention is better than cure and Ratwall is one of the most practical and successful ways of ensuring that rats are not able to gain access into your drainage system in future.

Prevent future rat infestations with Ratwall

Ratwall is an ingenious but simple way of preventing rats from entering your drains, sewers and property. Made from stainless steel, the device is designed to fit snugly and securely into any manhole chamber around your property, while still allowing efficient flow by way of its cleverly created external hinge. This creates a secure barrier on any drainage chamber outlet and effectively prevents rats from being able to gain access to your property. Easy to install, you won't need any cable to secure Ratwall as it is secured by compressing the walls and then releasing, giving a tight ‘friction fit’ when in position. A handy installation pole is included to allow you to fit the Ratwall in those difficult to access areas or deep chambers.

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