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Reasons to choose plastic plumbing & drainage pipes

There are a number of different materials that can be used for plumbing & drainage, and the best fit could depend on the material of the building, the time it was built, or when the internal pipe system was last updated. However, while bronze, iron, and copper piping have all traditionally been used, there is currently a shift within the plumbing industry towards plastic pipes.

All building suppliers and contractors have noticed the huge uptake of plastic pipes, and our experts at Drain Depot have listed a few reasons why the experts are choosing plastic over metal.

1. Plastic pipes are far more leak proof

Unlike metals which need to be smelted and then carefully shaped, plastic pipes can be manufactured with a far greater molecule density. This means that a plastic pipe is significantly less likely to develop a leak, so they need to be replaced far less often.

2. Plastic pipes don’t need specialist tools

Metal pipes can be incredibly difficult to fit, and often require a variety of specialist tools in order to connect them properly and secure them. However, plastic pipes are designed to be installed via push-fit fittings, which don’t require a toolbox that is heavier than the pipes themselves! Plastic pipes remove the need for soldering iron too, which brings down the cost of installation for both the plumber and the client.

3. Plastic pipes offer more flexibility

Since plastic pipes can be cut to shape far more easily than their metal counterparts, this has led to a change in the way plumbing and waste systems are designed. Instead of working to a traditional pattern of only being able to thread pipes alongside wooden joists, plastic pipes allow for more creative designs, often resulting in more usable space in the building overall.

At Drain Depot, we specialise in a whole range of plastic below and above ground drainage products. Based in Swindon, but offering national dispatch, we pride ourselves on offering expert product knowledge and advice for all of your drainage needs. For more information about our products, please take a look at https://www.draindepot.co.uk/.

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