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Reduce flooding risk with a soakaway system

Floods occur when there is a heavy and sustained period of rainfall that overflows the drainage systems. Generally, this is because the drainage pipes just aren't big enough to take the water away fast enough and concreted areas mean there is nowhere else for the water to go. Rainwater flooding can be a huge problem for businesses but there is a way to fix it. The best way to counteract the flooding risk from heavy rainfall is by installing a soakaway to act as a cushion between the rainfall and the drains. Herein we explore how a soakaway and underground ducting system could protect you from rainfall flooding.

What is a soakaway?

A soakaway is effectively a tank that collects the rainwater from your roof and holds it before allowing it to dissipate slowly from your property into the soil. This allows you to reduce the pressure that is placed on your drainage system and prevent it from flooding. In heavy rainfall, all of the water from your roof will be concentrated into small drainage holes that will back up and overflow, unless you use a soakaway.

How does a soakaway work?

Modern soakaways use a strong plastic tank to collect the water. This is then connected to underground ducting that is wrapped in semi-permeable material. The result is in effect a leaky bucket that will collect water from rainfall and let it seep slowly into the soil around your property. Instead of backing up the drains, the soakaway will absorb the excess water and release it slowly, giving the ground the time to deal with it naturally. As a rule of thumb, a tank size of 1 cubic metre with underground ducting will drain a roof area of 50 square metres.

Where can a soakaway be installed?

A soakaway can be installed at the majority of properties but there are some exceptions. At a property where the water table is high, there may already be significant underground water and this will limit the effectiveness of the soakaway. The soil also needs to be permeable so that the water can permeate through it and drain away. Where there is a high clay content in the soil this can be limiting to installation.

Installing a soakaway can greatly reduce the risk of flooding for businesses with large roof spaces and paved areas that will not allow the water to escape. Installing a soakaway and underground ducting can reduce the pressure of rainfall and stop your drains from being overwhelmed.

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