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Rodent Free Partnership

Drain Depot are pleased to announce a developing partnership with Metex, a manufacturer bringing new and innovative products to the drainage and construction industry, such as Ratwall, Dapple Bars, Screed Pod & Pipefall.

Manufactured from top-quality stainless steel, Ratwall effectively prevents rats and rodents from entering a property. The 110mm stainless steel version is designed to fit securely in the outlet of any 110mm or 100mm PVC or clay drainage chamber to halt rats and other rodents in their tracks. Featuring an external hinge and a curved flap, Ratwall won't restrict flow within the pipe. Installation is simple via mechanical compression of the side walls.


The unique design of this effective rodent exclusion unit enables the installer to compress the unit's sides with an installation pole or spanner. An external hinge means no debris can snag internally, allowing optimum flow through the pipe. The unit can be installed from ground level. Simply screw the pole into the top of the unit. This will compress the side walls, allowing you to easily position Ratwall within the manhole chamber's outlet. The optional installation pole is available separately or as a kit from our online store. When installation is complete, unscrew the pole to allow the unit to friction fit on to the chamber's side walls. The installation procedure doesn't require silicone or securing cable.

Without the aid of Ratwall, householders may experience persistent problems with rats and other rodents lurking in the underground drainage systems. These underground systems are used to discharge three kinds of water: surface water, such as rain water; foul water from toilets; and also "grey" water from washing machines, dishwashers, the bath and sink.

It's not uncommon for rats to gnaw at the manhole covers, causing enough damage to escape through them. If the rats are not checked, it's possible that they can dig holes into the property's foundations, eventually accessing the house through the cavity walls. Anyone who has experienced a rat infestation will know how incredibly difficult it is to remove the rodents once in your property and also how quickly they can multiply.

Metex range of dapple bars

Two-bar set

The two-bar aluminium dapple bar set (900mm and 2,000mm) is a fully powder-coated, lightweight, aluminium dapple bar set, for flowing screed. The set includes a fully-welded 2,000mm twin cranked handle bar and a fully-welded 900mm bar with a single cranked handle. Both bars have a 38mm aluminium bottom bar, used for creating the required "wave" on site.

Three-bar set

The three-bar aluminium dapple bar set (900mm, 2,000mm and 3,000mm) for flowing screed comprises of a fully-welded 900mm bar with a single cranked handle and a 2,000mm fully-welded bar with twin cranked handles. In addition, it also contains a 3,000mm bar with separate handle section.

The installation and removal of the handle section is through two durable stainless steel thumb screws. These allow easy van storage. All three dapple bars have a 38mm aluminium bottom bar for creating the required "wave" on site. The dapple bars are also available to purchase separately, rather than in a set, if this is your preferred option.

Thin screed dapple bar

The 2,000mm thin screed aluminium dapple bar (15mm) is a fully powder coated, lightweight, thin screed, aluminium dapple bar. It's suitable for flowing screeds that can be laid at depths of 12mm.

The thin 15mm bottom bar enables the installer to dapple the thinnest screeds on the market today. By securing the bar to a solid angled top section, the bar will remain straight and rigid when transporting between projects.

One-metre flowing concrete steel dapple bar

The robust, mild steel, fully powder coated dapple bar is designed for concrete sub bases and footings. Its height is adjustable and it features a single 90-degree comfort-grip handle. The one-metre bottom bar is 38mm in diameter to ensure the correct surface finish is achieved.

Two-metre flowing concrete steel dapple bar

This fully powder coated, mild steel dapple bar, designed for concrete sub bases and footings, offers adjustable height settings and has twin 90 degree comfort grip handles. The two-metre bottom bar measures 38mm in diameter, to ensure that the correct surface finish is achieved.

Metex Pipefall

Introducing ‘Pipefall’ the unique and innovative way to determine the correct fall gradient on a drainage pipe run without the need to set up laser levels. It works in a similar way to a spirit level in that you choose your desired pipe fall i.e. 1:80 and then simply slide the body to the correct ‘colour coded’ position ensuring that the bubble remains between the lines, this way you can remain confident that the correct fall is being achieved consistently along a drainage pipe run. Competitively priced, this tool is a must for general builders, ground-workers and self-builders.

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