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Saving time & money with the Keah 110mm pipe chamfer

Builders working with plastic pipes know what a pain in the neck it can be to chamfer the ends to fit various junctions, corner pieces, inspection chambers and other equipment - particularly if it has to be done by hand. The Keah 110mm pipe chamfering tool takes away all that drudgery, allowing you to cut a consistent, reliable chamfer in less than fifteen seconds. The 110mm plastic pipe chamfer is perfect for drainage and soil pipes, there is a smaller version for 32mm and 40mm diameter plastic internal pipework and a larger 150mm one is in development.

110mm plastic pipe chamfer

Why chamfer pipes?

Chamfering pipes makes fitting easier and allows them to be seated further into a fitting, bend or coupling piece. Deburring means the seal is more likely to be consistent all around the diameter of the join and there'll be no rough plastic particles that could break off inside.

Put these features together and you get a stronger join that will remain water-tight for longer, with less turbulence and flow interruption on the inside. That results in less wasted time on return visits to repair leaks or other problems.

The right tool for the job

Keah pipe chamfering tools are manufactured from spun steel for longer life. The 110mm tool has 28 slots for fast cutting, leaving an edge with no burrs and is designed to fit 4"/100mm plastic piping. The cutting part of the tool is securely attached to a universal shank which simply fits into a standard corded or cordless power drill, just like any other bit.

They're bright yellow to make them easier to find, particularly if you're unlucky enough to drop one into a drain or inspection chamber.

Each Keah 110mm pipe chamfer comes with a free bottle of pipe lubricant to start you off. The water in the lubricant will evaporate off, leaving the lubricant to form an airtight and watertight seal.

Get yours now

If you're cutting and fitting a lot of plastic soil and drainage pipework, the Keah 110mm plastic pipe chamfer tool is the quickest and most reliable way to achieve ease of assembly and a quality fit. Drain Depot has them in stock now at the keenest prices - why not order yours today and save yourself time, money and aggravation?

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