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The benefits of PVC as a piping material

Choosing the right material for the piping you're going to use in your drainage installation is important. A PVC plastic pipe offers a host of benefits compared to other materials, which makes it a consistently popular choice.

Here is what makes PVC a great material for drainage piping.


PVC offers a large weight advantage compared to other pipe materials. The immediate benefits of this are obvious, in as much as it becomes much easier to transport and install. It also requires fewer people to lay it, which means that installation is cheaper and more convenient.

PVC is so light that just one person can manoeuvre a large piece with relative ease. The lightness also means that the risk of injury during installation is lowered considerably. As is transport cost, as many delivery companies charge primarily by weight.


PVC offers a great deal of flexibility and resistance to fracture. The material has the ability to yield slightly under load, which is particularly important when installing underground drainage. Soil movement, vibrations, and varying water pressure can all take their toll on the structural integrity of the piping.

That flexibility also makes it much easier to install. Plastic piping can be much more easily manufactured to specific shapes and cut to certain lengths. That means fewer compromises are necessary for the installation process, which should ultimately result in a much more effective drainage solution.


All piping, particularly drainage and plumbing, requires joints within the piping network to be as watertight as possible. PVC pipes are available with deep push-together joints which are either gasket-based or bonded with solvent cement. This ultimately makes them more watertight.

The benefits of this are obvious. Piping that is less prone to leaking will make for a much more reliable drainage situation. It will minimise the amount of ongoing maintenance that is required, making it a much more affordable choice overall. It'll also mitigate the other structural issues caused by leakage.

PVC plastic piping is one of the most common choices for all drainage and plumbing applications - with just these select benefits, now you know why.

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