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The difference between soil pipes and waste pipes

When shopping for underground drainage supplies, you might have a hard time differentiating a soil pipe from a waste pipe. Although both pipes are installed to carry wastewater from a home to the sewer, they have additional functions that set them apart. Read on to find out how you can tell the difference between these drainage pipes.

Soil pipes

A soil pipe carries water and solids from a bidet, urinal, or toilet. It has a bigger diameter than a regular waste pipe. Any plastic pipe can carry soiled water, but it is advisable to use soil pipes as they’re specifically designed for this task.

Soil vents are installed on these pipes to allow harmful gases, generated by the waste, to escape into the atmosphere. They minimise odour and maintain a safe environment.

Installing soil pipes

Drainage experts and plumbers recommend placing soil pipes where they can be seen. This practice makes it easy to identify leaks. To support these drainage pipes and avoid the loosening of joints or sagging, use high-quality hangers and brackets.

If installed beneath a cellar floor, soil pipes should run in a trench with removable covers.

Waste pipes

A waste pipe drains water from a shower, washing machine, or sink. Most waste pipes have a small diameter because they’re designed to carry liquids. Additionally, these pipes do not require a venting system since the wastewater doesn’t produce gases that are harmful to human health.

Installing plastic waste pipes

You have to be extra careful when installing waste pipes in a home. Use fewer connections and keep the piping as simple as possible to ensure the drainage system works perfectly.

Why does it matter?

It’s important to know the difference between these two pipes for the following reasons:

• Each pipe should be vented differently
• Certain waste must go in the correct pipe. Bodily waste, for example, should be discarded through soil pipes.

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