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The main causes of drain odours

There is nothing worse than a foul smelling drain, especially in the heat of summer when radiating from your home. Most drainage problems can be easily found and are on the whole preventable. Below we share some common causes for drainage odours and what can be done about them.

Traps that do not work

This is usually what causes drainage smells in the bathroom or kitchen. The trap, or U bend, is there to stop drain odours backing up into the sink or bath. The idea is that the trap is always full of fresh water, which acts as a barrier to drain smells. It's only when this water is removed, becomes stagnated, or the trap becomes blocked, that problems can occur.

When traps become blocked

If a trap becomes blocked with hair or food debris, then this can lead to drain odour problems. This is because the flow of water through the drain is reduced and smells will back up into the room. The only way to resolve this is to remove and clean the trap. If it appears damaged in any way, then it will need to be replaced.

Problems in gullies

If you notice drain smells outside the house, at ground level, then this is most probably due to a build up in debris, such as sediment and leaves. You'll probably hear water flowing slowly or noisily from the bathroom or kitchen appliances. Gullies are usually protected with grating to allow connection between the kitchen or bathroom plastic pipe and the underground drainage. The gully acts in pretty much the same way as the indoor trap. Newer gullies have an inner chamber that can be easily removed and cleaned. Older gullies will usually have to be cleaned out by hand.

The external manhole

If you can smell bad odours radiating from an outside manhole cover, then this is either a problem with a blocked drain or damaged cover. If you believe the cover to be damaged, then you'll need to remove it and install a new frame and cover. If the smell is coming from the drain itself, then you'll need to call in the underground drainage experts.

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