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Things to think about when installing underground ducting

When it comes to running any kind of service underground on your land, underground ducting is vital. This essential piece of kit serves a couple of crucial purposes: firstly, it protects the pipes or cable that are being installed, guaranteeing a longer life expectancy. In addition, it gives anyone who works on that spot in the future a clear visual signal that pipes or cables are present, preventing accidents and damage to pipework.

But what do you need to think about when installing underground ducting?

Choose the right colour

The first thing you will notice about underground ducting is that it comes in a variety of colours. This is not just for aesthetic appeal! The colours tell you what kind of service is running inside the ducting – red for HV electricity, yellow for gas pipes, etc. Obviously, you need to pick the right colour ducting for your job.

Install it properly

When it comes to actually getting the ducting below ground, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, try to run it along as obvious a route as possible, such as a path. This will make it easier for anyone else to anticipate where any issues may lie. It is also worth checking how deep you need to dig your trench for the service you are installing and putting a layer of sharp sand down first to protect the ducting. Once the ducting is in place, you can then run your pipes or cables through it.

What if you have to join any underground ducting up?

This largely depends on the type of ducting you are using for the job at hand. Flexible ducting will come with a joiner at one end, while more rigid types will slot together due to the fittings on the ends of them. If you are using twinwall ducting, then couplers can be purchased to join each piece together if needed.

Buy your underground ducting today

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