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Three tips for repairing a broken water pipe

As you are aware, if a water pipe breaks on your property, the results can be disastrous. Firstly, the escaping fluid can flood large areas of your property. Secondly, you will probably be unable to access your water supply via your taps until the pipe is repaired. Finally, your water bill will increase until the flow of liquid has stopped. Due to these unpleasant consequences, it’s important to repair a broken water pipe as soon as possible. By repairing a broken pipe at the earliest opportunity, you can minimise the amount of damage and inconvenience that it generates. If you intend to make the repairs yourself rather than hiring a professional, there are several tips that you can follow to make the repair process easier and more effective.

1. Always switch off your water supply before starting repairs

While it’s important to start repairs quickly, you shouldn’t panic and start repairing the pipe until you’ve taken an important preliminary step. Take the time to find the valve or tap that controls your water supply and turn it off. Turning off your water supply will ensure that your property doesn’t flood while you’re attempting to mend the broken pipe. It will also make the repair process more straight-forward, because you won’t have to work around a stream of out-flowing water.

2. It’s usually advisable to replace the broken piece of piping

It may be possible to weld or seal a broken pipe back together. However, it’s usually better to simply replace the broken part of the pipe with a new length of piping. The original piece has probably lost its structural integrity and is therefore likely to break again if you keep it. It’s worth investing in a replacement length and fitting it into the rest of your water pipe network. In many cases, this is also easier than trying to seal disparate parts of a broken pipe back together.

3. Apply ducting to the repaired area

As we discussed in our previous blog entry, ducting is essential, particularly for underground water pipes. It helps to prevent leaks and eliminate the risk of contamination. It can also help hold a recently-repaired stretch of piping in place, so always fit ducting after you’ve completed your repairs.

Here at Drain Depot, we sell a wide range of water pipes and ducting, alongside our other underground drainage products. If you need to repair a broken water pipe, check out our range today. You’re guaranteed to find what you need.

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