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Three vital water pipe accessories

Are you planning on installing a new water-using device or outlet on your site or premises? To do so, you’ll need to connect it to your water supply. If you’ve never done this before, you may think that you just need to link your water supply to your device or outlet using a simple plastic pipe. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. In addition to water pipes, you’ll probably need to install several accessories to regulate water-flow and ensure your device or outlet works properly. We’ll talk you through the main ones in today’s blog entry.

1. A check valve

Check valves prevent backflow. This means that they stop water from your device or outlet making its way back into your water supply or main pipe network. It’s important to install a check valve somewhere along the pipe that connects your water supply to your device or outlet for hygiene reasons. Water that has been in contact with a device or outlet that isn’t designed to provide clean drinking water may become contaminated. It cannot be allowed to mingle with water that you might drink or bathe in. A check valve will prevent this from happening. Of course, backflow can also be bad for your water pipe network, so it’s best to utilise check valves, even if you aren’t concerned about contamination.

2. A tap

Even if your device or outlet has its own tap, you should install an easily-accessible one near the start of the pipe that connects it to your water supply. This will enable you to turn off the water-flow if necessary. You need to be able to turn off the water-flow in case the pipe becomes damaged and starts leaking or your device or outlet breaks unexpectedly.

3. Ducting

Buried water pipes can sometimes be penetrated by dirty ground-water or molecules of soil. Obviously, you don’t want these to mingle with the water that your device or outlet is going to draw from. That’s why you need to encase your water-pipes in appropriate ducting before burying them. Ducting helps protect water pipes from external contaminants.

Here at Drain Depot, we offer a wide range of taps, valves and underground ducting to help you set up safe, hygienic and reliable water pipe connections. Of course, there are plenty of other accessories that can help you control and monitor the way water flows through your network of pipes (such as water metres). However, we believe that the three items we’ve listed in today’s blog are the most important. Check out our range of products and purchase them today.

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