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What different types of land drainage coil on the market?

Wet winter and spring weather can lead to a variety of problems for farmers and growers needing to gain access to land, as well as result in delays for allotment growers and keen gardeners who are wanting to start planting their annual crops and flowering plants.

You can source a wide variety of underground drainage solutions at Drain Depot, and this includes perforated land drainage coils which are ideal for solving any water retention issues you may face.

Excess water is stopping me getting onto my land

Ultimately, excess ground water reduces access to land. For farmers and growers this can result in erosion, reductions to crop yields and damage to the environment. Perforated land drainage coils allow water to access pipes and either filter into the soil or pass through the pipes to specific drainage soakaways. Unperforated land drainage pipes will stop any silt, soil or leaves entering the pipe and causing blockages. The choice you make about land drainage coils will depend greatly on your requirements and the results you need.

Land drainage coils are a flexible draining solution that can be put in place in any area. Perforated coils feature small holes for the collection of surface water and are ideally suited to agricultural and growing requirements. They are also great for eliminating ground water on construction sites and playing fields or sports fields. Unperforated land drainage coils are more suitable for distributing collected surface water to another location altogether. These pipes don't feature any holes so won't collect additional surface water en route.

Types of land drainage coils at Drain Depot

You can opt for perforated or unperforated drainage coils at Drain Depot and we also stock all the required fittings and couplings to suit your requirements exactly. It's easy to fit these drain coils, so if you're seeking durable and high-quality land drainage solutions, browse our site today.

The experts at Drain Depot can offer advice on the best plastic pipe and underground drainage solutions to meet your requirements, so don't hesitate to get in touch today to find out more.

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