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Why plastic pipes are more popular than ever

Once upon a time, plastic pipes were considered the poor relation when it came to underground drainage. The material was often looked upon as a cheap alternative to concrete or steel and therefore not as long-lasting or efficient. A lot of these concerns were based more on emotion and nostalgia than reality. Plastic pipes are increasingly becoming standard and there are good reasons why a plastic pipe might win out over its traditional rivals.

Easy to handle and install

Plastic pipes reduce the amount of time it takes to install an underground drainage system. Less manpower is required and there's less of a need for heavy machinery. The whole process is simpler and more efficient. The ability to easily modify the length of pipe and to cope with non-standard terrain gives plastic piping another distinct advantage.

Durability and function

Plastic pipes are less prone to blockages due to their smooth surfaces. Congestion at connection points is less likely, reducing the chance of a troublesome leak. The ease of movement for water means that it's easier to deliver water at the correct pressure through plastic piping.

Issues like corrosion, chemical damage, ageing and general wear and tear are less of a problem with plastic. There's a functional robustness that means plastic wins out against its traditional rivals. They're rarely troubled by acids, fats or alcohol. In fact, they can take most potentially damaging fluids in their stride. The same applies to fire risk. They're difficult to ignite and only really keep burning in the presence of an external flame. Tree roots which often have no trouble finding their way into pipes made from traditional materials meet tougher resistance when it comes to plastic.

Plastic pipes last a lifetime

In fact, they can easily last several lifetimes with very little sign of wear or tear. From a sustainability point of view, this makes them the smart choice. Some are now being manufactured out of recycled plastic putting.

Quick to manufacture, incredibly efficient to use, rarely in need of repair, and very long lasting: plastic pipes are a practical choice with a huge range readily available at Drain Depot.

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