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Why Stylish Steel Guttering is Worth the Minimal Additional Investment.

Whether you’re a roofer, a building contractor or a home owner, everyone wants a building’s gutter system to look good, work effectively and survive the tests of time. Although metal guttering will always involve a higher initial spend than a PVCu product, it will also always add exponentially to the value of a property and provide better value over the longer term.

Choosing the right metal system depends on the requirements of each project, the budget and desired ‘look’. Modern steel is one of our favourite materials to choose when you’re selecting a rainwater system and here’s why:

  • Like all the metals, STEEL is strong and durable – much more so than plastic. It makes for a robust system, but is also an affordable option being the cheapest of all the metal rainwater ranges. The product carries a manufacturer’s guarantee of fifteen years although we believe that with sensible maintenance, life expectancy should in excess of twenty five years.
  • The stocked steel system is significantly deeper than most PVCu gutters, with larger capacity and improved flow rates and are, therefore, considerably better able to cope with our weather. Galvanized steel guttering will resist thermal expansion and contraction providing greater joint integrity and the robust colour coating will not fade which is a common problem on coloured PVCu.
  • With its smart, stylish and contemporary look and flexibility of colour finish, galvanised steel can add style to a modern building. It can also be perfect for a traditional style property when finished in pre-coated black.
  •  As far as installation goes, modern steel systems are lightweight and easy to install saving precious time on projects. Supplied in convenient 3m long lengths with dry-jointed unions and push fit rubber lined union connectors giving no need for silicone.
  • In addition to all its features and benefits, if environmental sustainability is a concern, steel is 100% recyclable at the end of its life and its carbon footprint is low, making it a conscientious choice.
  • It always came with a 15yr product warranty, but the new, 3 layer colour coating, in a choice of 5 colours held in stock for next day delivery, adds another 10+ fade-free years to its life.
  • There is increasing demand for guttering systems that match in with other features on buildings such as fascia, soffit and windows. The Anthracite Grey, for example, is very popular as a result of this.

Image of Colour coated system

The new ROBUST colour coated system:

As the name implies, ROBUST is an innovative coating system that is extremely hard wearing. The coating con-sists of three layers of protection comprising zinc corrosion protection, primer bonding coat and a ‘Robust’ poly-ester top coat. The surface coating is UV and scratch resistant.

  1. Galvanised Steel Core
  2. Zinc / Magnesium corrosion protection layer
  3. Primer bonding coat adds further corrosion protection
  4. Polyester top coat for maximum UV and scratch resistance

The Price Tag

The demand for steel guttering has never been higher with homeowners and selfbuilders looking for this stylish, premium quality rainwater solution at a price tag that is closer to premium uPVC than heritage Cast Iron or Aluminium.

Drain Depot Rainwater system cost

Drain Depot Steel Sample Box

Steel sample box - available on request – please specify stock colour required – comes with swatches of the other stock colours

The stocked colour coated shades are Black, Anthracite Grey, Dusty Grey, Grey White and Sepia Brown, but if you can wait and pay the surcharge there is an almost unlimited palette of bespoke shades to satisfy the most demanding taste for customisation.

Image of Steel Drainage

So, steel can be a great choice for a premium quality but cost effective guttering system working well on any age of property, residential or commercial. Why not contact us today for a free quotation on our steel guttering on 0800 170 7654 or visit our website and use our save quote function at www.draindepot.co.uk.

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