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Why you should chamfer your PVC pipe before assembly

PVC pipes have become both common and important items in construction. However, experts advise that you should first chamfer the plastic pipes before using them. Chamfering or bevelling is the process of smoothening the edges of a material with a rough edge. The process removes the bead on the pipe’s end and easy to fit into a connector. It also avoids pushing the glue out of the joint which can lead to glue drips and subsequently cause a weak joint.

How to chamfer a plastic pipe

You can either grind, scrap, or file away the outer 90-degree angle on the end. If you don’t do this, the sharp edges will act as a knife and push any sealant ahead of it. You can avoid more costly problems with your underground drainage later.

Builders understand how it can be such a pain in the neck to chamfer plastic pipes for their ends to fit various corner pieces and junctions. The easiest and quickest way to chamfer your plastic pipe is to use a plastic pipe chamfer like the KEAH plastic pipe chamfering tool. They are fitted with a universal shank and easily attach to any battery or electric hand drill. You can expect to be done in less than 15 seconds. These chamfers are made from spun steel and are boxed with a bottle of pipe lubricant. Once the water in the lubricant evaporates, it forms an airtight seal between the pipes.

When should I replace a PVC pipe?

Sometimes you might find it challenging to chamfer a pipe due to its location. In such a scenario, you’ll have to choose to replace a larger section so that you can make the right procedures. This is undoubtedly a difficult task that will consume your time and need extra workforce. However, a cracked joint will require even more downtime later on and even demand extra cost. You should ideally chamfer your pipes before installation.

The cheapest and most convenient way to chamfer your plastic pipes is to use a chamfer tool. The sharp edges will less likely harm the internal fittings. At Drain Depot, we can supply you with a 28 cutting teeth chamfer and any other plastic below & aboveground drainage products.

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