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Uni-Prop Hydraulic Ram Assembly

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Product Description

Product Description

Uni-Prop is a global first in hydraulic assisted temporary support and is the first major upgrade in adjustable prop technology in over 80 years. 

The Uni-Prop Hydraulic Assembly is supplied as a sealed unit in a bespoke, heavy duty, HDPE case. Providing multi-prop usage, the assembly is CE marked and de-rated to 2T in this application. Given there is no requirement for coupling/uncoupling, the Assembly is virtually maintenance free. The ram cylinder has been customised to fit inside the access chamber of Uni-Prop and the unit is supplied in a bespoke, heavy duty, HDPE case. 

Capacity De-Rated to 2T (2000kg)

Max. Working Pressure 33MPa

Min. Height 235mm

Max. Height 355mm

Stroke Length 120mm

Oil Filled 350g

Oil Type 13# refrigerant oil

Operating Temp range -20°C to +50°C

Hose 2SN, 1.78m

Package Size 550 × 310 × 210mm

More technical information can found at https://www.uni-prop.com/technical/#assembly



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Q:   Can I use the 2000kg of available power at any extension?

A:   No. Please refer to the Safe Working Loads table before commencing use which can be found at https://www.uni-prop.com/technical/#assembly


Q:   How do I make the collar turn more easily on the threaded section?

A:   Sometimes the movement of the collar may be difficult to turn when the prop is new. Please use WD-40 or equivalent to free up the collar.


Q:   Can I leave the Hydraulic Assembly engaged?

A:   No, as soon as the power function has been applied and the desired result achieved, you must immediately secure the position using the collar and top pin assembly. See user instructions for details.


Q:   Will the Hydraulic Assembly need an annual inspection?

A:   Yes, this is a mandatory inspection which must be performed by a competent person.


Q:   Will the Uni-Prop temporary support need an annual inspection?

A:   There is no regulation relating to the inspection of Uni-Prop. It is recommended, however, to visually inspect Uni-Prop regularly to ensure all parts are in good working order.


1. Place Uni-Prop plumb on a firm flat level surface


2. Place Hydraulic Assembly on level ground horizontally in from of Uni-Prop


3. Remove top pin on Uni-Prop – Warning inner tube fully retracts , beware of trap/crush injuries


4. Remove bottom pin on Uni-Prop and insert hydraulic ram into prop chamber


5. Lift hose to raise ram and inner tube until top plate of Uni-Prop is close to object surface


6. Insert bottom pin on Uni-Prop through first available hole directly beneath the ram


7. Align holes if inner tube section with slot in threaded section


8. Check that pump is horizontal and flow control valve is closed (turn clockwise to close)


9. Pump the handle to raise the top plate until the required position is achieved


10. Fully insert top pin through the available hole in the threaded section


11. Warning – immediately turn red collar until it is tight against the top pin to fully secure


12. Before releasing the ram double check that the red collar is in position below the top pin


13. Now release the ram by opening the flow valve (turn anti-clockwise – one fully turn only)


14. Whilst holding the hose, take out bottom pin then lower hose and remove ram


15. Reinsert bottom pin for storage


More installation information can be found at:  https://www.uni-prop.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/UPI_UserInstructions_UP-UI-0219-1.pdf


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