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  • The benefits of using a plastic soakaway boxes instead of rubble

    Excess water build-up through gutters, driveways or a French drain can cause problems for your home if it is left to filter through to communal piping. Too much water can cause them to flood and burst, leading to a lot of timely repair work. It could also lead to your property becoming waterlogged and compromised over time. Building your own personal soakaway is a great way of unloading the burden from the drains, and getting rid of the water naturally. Continue reading

  • Why we should drain the land using land drainage pipe....

    Poorly drained and waterlogged land can be costly for farmers and land-owners. In fact, it has never been quite so important for good land drainage solutions to be in place. Continue reading

  • Why should we use underground ducting?

    Almost every building requires utilities, which means pipes and cables. From electricity through to telecommunications, there are a number of services which are delivered via cables. A common challenge for homeowners, builders and utility workers is to find an appropriate route for the cable to enter the premises. This is also the case for water and gas pipes - a safe, convenient location is vital. Continue reading

  • Channel drainage - all the products you need

    Channel drainage is used in many building projects, both domestic and commercial, where areas of hard-standing need effective drainage.

    Domestic use is on the rise as people in the UK aim to make better use of their gardens throughout the year. This means more people are doing hard landscaping, like patios, which often need better drainage than is available in the average garden. Continue reading

  • PVC drainage pipes

    When looking online, you will find there are a wide variety of PVC drainage pipes available to you, including pipes, bends and couplings. Whether it is needed for a residential or commercial project, these pipes can be used in a number of settings and applications to provide roof drainage, stormwater management, as well as supporting waste and sewer systems, and underfloor heating products. It can sometimes feel challenging knowing what to pick, thanks to how much choice and variety there is. Continue reading

  • Everything you need to know about underground electrical ducting

    What is electrical ducting?

    Essentially, ducting is the rigid, black tubing you see surrounding electricity cables. It helps to keep the wires inside safe from physical harm. In order for it to be compliant with legislation, ducting is required to have 'Electric Cable Duct' stamped down its side. Therefore, if anyone should come into contact with it in whatever situation, they will know exactly what is inside and won't tamper with it. This serves to help protect both the people (and machinery) who may come into contact with it and the electricity running through it. Continue reading

  • Brett Martin's Cascade range is worth knowing about...

    At Drain Depot, we're here to provide you with every drainage solution you could need. Never again will you have to spend time frantically looking for parts at affordable prices. Along with channel drainage, damp proof membranes, plastic underground ducting, water pipes, gutters, sewage treatments, fascias and soffits, we also have... soil and waste pipes. That's an awful lot we can help you with (and that's not everything!). Continue reading

  • Choosing the correct water pipe for contaminated ground

    When you are laying water pipes in contaminated ground, it is essential to choose suitable piping which cannot be corroded or damaged in any way by the hazardous substances in the vicinity. Corrosion not only causes leaks and wastage in the water supply, but more importantly can also result in contamination of the water which passes through the pipe. The consequences of this can be extremely serious, with the potential for consumers to be poisoned by toxins in the water. Continue reading

  • How underground ducting can prolong your household services

    For any household services where pipes and cables are required to be laid underground, ducting is of vital importance, offering much-needed protection to the cables and pipes themselves from any underground movement whilst notifying workmen of the presence of piping or cabling during any future work. Continue reading

  • Benefits of plastic drainage pipes

    Plastic drainage pipes is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of drainage pipe material, compared to traditional types such as concrete, clay, iron or steel. With so many benefits, it's not hard to see why the plastic drainage pipe is enjoying such popularity. Continue reading

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